How to add stripping agent

Sıyırma maddesi nasıl eklenir

The method of adding stripper can be divided into the following types:

1) Adding in the slurry: the advantage of this method is that the method of adding is simple and the addition is uniform; the disadvantage is that it takes a certain time from the addition of the stripping agent to the completion of the papermaking of the slurry. The particle size and migration ability of the stripping agent are all changing , Will change the peeling performance.

   2) Add before the net: Add before the net can adjust the amount of addition at any time to control the peeling effect. In order to reduce the loss of stripper in white water, cationic stripper with strong paper fiber adsorption capacity should be selected.

3) Drying cylinder spraying: Drying cylinder spraying is a method with better peeling effect. Various types of stripping agents are applicable. It is best to spray evenly and continuously on the surface of the drying cylinder. The use of emulsifiable peeling agents will disperse more evenly. .

  4) Addition in coating: The stripping of coated paper can be added to the coating. The particle size of the selected stripper particles should be small, and it can exist stably in the coating system and is a stripper that is not easy to break.

  5 Addition amount Edit the addition amount of the release agent, which should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the paper, so that it can be peeled off. Factors affecting the amount of stripper include stripper type, paper weight, surface finish, papermaking speed, drying degree, chemical additives addition and paper process characteristics requirements, etc. The best process is selected according to the specific situation.
sıyırma maddesi