What is a high concentration fixing agent?

Yüksek konsantrasyonlu sabitleme maddesi nedir?

The so-called yüksek konsantrasyonlu sabitleme maddesi is actually a chemical agent that can effectively bind dyes and fibers. Generally speaking, it is often used as a textile auxiliary in the textile industry. High concentration fixing agent can improve the quality and added value of dyeing. It has a very important role, and it can also enrich various special functions and styles of textiles.

For example, conditions such as softness, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, and flame retardant can also improve the dyeing process, which can save energy and reduce processing costs. Textile auxiliaries are generally very important for improving the overall level of the textile industry and its role in the textile industry chain. This can improve and increase the various fastnesses of dyed fabrics. Because the fastness of the dyed fabric is simply to meet the requirements, there are many reasons, so when directly dyeing the dye, the dye needs to rely on van der force, hydrogen bonding and fiber, and the binding force of dye and fiber is small.
high concentration fixing agent
In addition, the molecular structure generally contains a hydrophilic group such as a sulfonic acid group and a carboxyl group. Therefore, in the washing process, the dye is generally easily soluble in water and easily detached from the fiber, which results in a very poor wet treatment effect. The reactive groups in the reactive dye molecule are easily bonded to the fiber through covalent bonds. So in theory, the covalent bond formation speed between reactive dyes and fibers is generally faster, and there is no problem of color fastness. In essence, in the dyeing process of strong color, because of the high dye concentration, there will be a large number of final fixed reactive dyes and hydrolyzed dyes on general dyed fabrics. According to the current fixing mechanism of high concentration fixing agent, the fixing agent is generally Can be divided into cationic polymer fixing agents and cationic polymer fixing agents.